Cotton flower

Moisturizes and soothes


The cotton flower, known for its delicacy and respect for the skin, is used in the manufacture of textiles due to its beneficial properties. The extract derived from its seeds is remarkably rich in linolenic acid, which is rapidly absorbed by the skin, providing deep hydration and sealing moisture into the cells. This process contributes to the creation of a natural barrier that protects the skin, thus promoting its health and well-being.



Although cotton flower has its roots in Arabia, its predominant cultivation is found in countries such as the United States, China and Pakistan today. In Korea, this plant is highly valued, being known as "mother's love" due to its association with gentleness and tenderness, thus evoking feelings of maternal care and protection.

¿PARA QUÉ SIRVE Cotton flower?

Moisturizes the skin by creating a film that keeps moisture in the skin, providing extra nourishment.

  • Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Barrier Effect
  • Antioxidant

Cotton flower extract is remarkably rich in linolenic acid, vitamin E and a variety of antioxidants. This combination of nutrients makes it an exceptional moisturizing agent for the skin. When applied, it forms an occlusive film that locks moisture into skin cells, thus providing a protective barrier that helps keep skin soft, supple and healthy.

Marta López - Research